This Chick.

Hey. I don't really go by a name on here, but you can call me Sunny, which is a shortened version of my middle name. I'm a short and chubby 20 y/o brunette, and I have a really loud laugh. I wear flip flops in the rain, and I say 'I don't know' way too much. I'm the type to root for the underdog, though I detest competition. I know astrology is a load of bull, but I read it regularly anyway. I love Starbucks, and hate The Coffee Bean. I don't like turkey, or anything cherry. I like staying up late and being up early (but getting up early sucks no matter how much sleep you get). I can't sit around all day with someone and do nothing without feeling gross and unproductive. I like Mini Coopers and cute VW Jettas, but at my small salary along with the fact that attending my local city college is still hurting my wallet, I can only dream. I'm indecisive, so my future major changes as often as the outfits I wear. I would like to kiss in the rain, but my boyfriend still isn't up for it. I love singing in the shower as if I'm onstage. And, as you can see, I like to ramble :]

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