Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free Spirit?

As always, it's freaking 3:23 AM and I should really be sleeping by now, but instead I'm sitting up in bed, typing away in the dark. You know you're jealous.

My question of the day: what does it mean to be a "free spirit?"

I've been thinking of the answer to that since yesterday when I went out to enjoy one of the rare rainy days in southern California with my dogs. Most people I know out here hate the rain -- duh, they're Californians -- but I embrace it. I collared up and tossed both of my 80+ lb Weimaraners in the backseat of my little Honda Civic and, with my CD player blasting The Used, drove out to Belmont Shore to walk in the rain and window shop. On the way back the rain stopped and I put all my windows down, put the volume up on my music, and enj
oyed the wind in my hair and seeing my breath in the cold air inside my car as I sang along to the songs. In that moment, I thought "I'm a free spirit." I felt like one. But then I thought what the hell does that mean? To me, it means doing something unconventional, what most people wouldn't do.. Not being constrained or weighed down by anything.. Really feeling free, whatever that means to you. For me, I always seem to feel that way when I'm driving in my car with the wind in my hair, either coming back from the beach or in the rain. I don't know why; I just do.

So, what
does it mean to be a "free spirit?" What makes you feel like one? :-)


  1. Oh I adore your pics!! The top photo truly captures a free spirit!! Hope you are doing well this week!

  2. Hi :)
    That is such a good question....
    I guess to me it means that you do what makes YOU happy.
    And no one else...that you stay thru to your vibe/feeling - and your dreams.

    From reading your profile it sounds like we have something in common ...we both have big dreams...the only thing i have found is stay on track with them...

    And for your own everything and anything to achieve them:)
    You only live once:)


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