Saturday, October 3, 2009

what a surprise

haha i was looking around on myspace, and on the "people you might know" section, i saw a picture of a guy that i had fallen really hard for in high school. haha, it was bizarre, but after a while he said he "liked" me and then after that mustve been embarrassed because he ended up avoiding me at all costs. now that i look back on it, it's pretty funny, but back then it absolutely tore me to pieces.

and today, i looked on his web page and found out that he's gay.

HAHA, well, it makes sense now.
maybe it was an error, maybe not.
but i can see it.

it's just like wow.
haha i never expected that.

go him, i hope he finds happiness.

but, man, was my perception of him wrong...

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