Saturday, October 3, 2009

a smile for the coming week

for some reason, im feeling very optimistic for this coming week.
and, trust me, this
never happens haha.
for once, i have absolutely nothing to stress over. [i hope im not jinxing it!]
i have no projects due [b/c i was a smartie and completed/presented it during the first week available instead of waiting 3 weeks down the road], i have no tests, it's not my week to play in piano, and i don't think i have any other engagements. SCORE!
im sorry, but last week i was stressing out like a madwoman with no crack. and when i stress, it's not good, because im prone to meltdowns. i get all melodramatic, i cry, i search for every possible thing wrong in my life, i eat too much, i stay up late, and i strain my relationship with my boy.

yeah, this girl + stress = hell.

but this week, i feel FREEE!

sooo what am i going to do?
perhaps ill keep being productive and finish my work due for the week after :]

haha perhaps all this optimism comes from the fact that i FINALLY changed my sheets and quilt on my bed and cleaned my room.
i feel like i cleaned out a part of my soul.

...whoa, that sounded weird.
but im a very different person after i've cleaned.
OH! and i washed my car yesterday too!
HELLOOOOO good mood! :]]

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