Friday, October 2, 2009


ive been penting up a bit of annoyance and frustration within me, especially toward a couple of people.
since im too much of a chicken/would feel too rude to confront anyone, im just going to make a list of my annoyances/dislikes of the moment.
oh and i guess to balance it out ill include a list of likes as well.
wont u join me?
i love reading lists, so feel free to make ur own.
if u do, let me know :-)


- sports/athletes [all of the ones i know are @ssholes]
- competition in general
- when D. thinks he doesnt have to be respectful because he "owns the place"
- when people talk during movies
- "cuz i said": if you're going to use "because i said so" as a reason for something, [which btw is absolutely NO reason at all and, in my opinion, should not be used] at least do us the favor at least complete the damn fragment enough so that it makes sense
- "where you at?" --> for GOD'S SAKE, it's "where are you?"
- when people choose to ignore the fact that they're intruding and are unwanted at the moment
- sarcasm. it just makes you look like a jerk.
- parents that don't parent
- parents that don't discipline their kids
- parents that don't give kids damn breathing room
- when hard drives decide to fry when youre in the process of backing up all your data
- narrow minded people/those unwilling to accept change
- religion [if you turn to religion to have some source of hope, fine. anything else is absurd]
- loud/obnoxious stuff <-- thats vague, i know, sorry
- not having enough money to make ends meet
- self-centeredness
- cleaning [except when im mad. when im mad, i clean like hell. i should be mad all the time lol]

- when people breathe heavily over your shoulder
- hot weather
- "fat days"
- periods
- oversleeping
- arrogance/selfishness
- punk rock
- the saxophone
- racism/stereotyping [jokes are funny. being serious about it isnt]
- deal or no deal
- will ferrell's acting/movies
- steve martin's acting/movies
- horror flicks
- when nearly empty foods/drinks are put back into the fridge/cabinet
- messy houses [doesnt mean that im perfectly clean. just that i HATE the mess haha]
- when ppl that have A/C or fans refuse to put them on in hot weather
- when ppl water their lawns during the day/leave the lights/TV on when unneeded
- broken stuff
- when ppl don't take the initiative to find solutions themselves, but instead ask ?s incessantly [GOOGLE IT, GODDAMN IT]
- uggs
- carpeted floors
- cats
- turkey
- the fact that some people throw away pennies. [wtf man? send them to me!]
- southern accents
- the way some ppl say bayg instead of "bag"
- tupperware
- plastic grocery bags
- litterers
- pulp fiction
- philosophy
- going to bed early
- AM radio
- large cars. everyone should drive small cars. :-)
- when people take jokes too far
- capris
- fish
- socks/regular shoes
- when people smoke around me. headaches :-(
- when ppl smell like alcohol
- B.O.
- printer jams
- spiders
- braces
- eggs [scrambled eggs are ok, however]
- fred on youtube
- argumentative writing
- bass.
- most reality TV
- watching shows on TV
- spam [the emails and stuff :-)]
- long lines
- thinking about outer space/how insignificant we all are in the great scheme of things
- cauliflower
- when my laptop nearly burns my legs
- when people talk wayyyy too loud on their cellphones
- orange cream popsicles
- cherry flavored stuff
- root beer/dr. pepper
- sports/energy drinks
- gravy
- taco salads
- the price of gas
- jaywalking
- plain chocolate/vanilla ice cream
- hot drinks
- smoothies
- feeling jealous
- feeling insecure because of my body
- the harshness of the german language
- when people say "you don't know what you're talking about"
- when people say "no offense" and continue to offend you
- when some people wear sunglasses on cloudy days
- boredom
- how fishing/poker is considered a sport. i dont see how that makes sense.
- VPL's: check urban dictionary or watch what not to wear to know that what means
- beans
- orange and blue paired together
- how some people say "ew" to foods that they've never tried before
- crispy hairsprayed hair
- pity parties
- when people come up with nicknames for EVERYTHING
- river losses in poker
- the fact that parents cut the crusts off their kids' sandwiches
- when people throw the ends of the loaf away. wtf man?
- how facebook is now more popular than myspace :'-(
- when folks don't use their manners

that's all for now.
likes in the next post.

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