Saturday, September 19, 2009

nice dream and secret longings.

i had a dream the other night, and it was finally a good one with aaron in it.
he was actually the guy i felt
in love with. amazing!
we were riding in a car on the way to the mountains and he was driving with one arm around me.
i dont know. i sat so close to him and looked in his eyes and my heart just melted.
haha whoever is reading this must be close to gagging right now.
but yeah. i felt loved. special. and it was finally with him. i usually always dream of him but he ends up being wayyy different but and in someone else's skin. the only way i know it's him is cuz his name is still aaron. usually.

i dont know, it was a very simple dream but it made me feel very happy.

on another note, i feel like i should be like 8 years older than i am.
im so ready to settle down and get married and have a family and all that ish.
i mean, what the hell is wrong with me? im 19! goddamn!
i know it's wrong and yadda yadda and no worries, i would never act on these feelings... but jeez. what, is my biological clock ready to give out or something? haha... it's stupid, but whatever.
i just had to get it out.

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