Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wish list #2?

new albums from
1. imogen heap
2. the used
3. skillet

4. to get more $ in the bank. im tired of being poor.
5. have my room magically clean and organize itself
6. a new phone. im bored of mine hahahhaah.

more self discipline to actually start
7. writing in a journal consistently
8. losing more weight
9. keeping things clean
10. practicing music

11. band members :[
12. clothes
13. a nice piece of jewelry from my boyfriend. i feel bad writing this but it's true haha.
14. my body to be functioning as it should
15. my peacock tattoo
16. an apartment
17. a nice camera
18. to get my computer fixed :[[[
19. sleep. this can be accomplished haha.

time for bed now. bye! <3

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