Wednesday, July 8, 2009

london time

okay so im in the process of redoing my room and i happened to have ordered a quilt online...
from a website based in the UK.
im in CA. this was not a smooth move on my part.
wellllll as it turns out, the damn thing is out of stock and theyre getting it in like 4/5 weeks from now.
ugh i hate waiting that long, but i hate the fact that they already took the $200 out of my bank account :[
and i have no idea if theyre going to rip me off or not.
im supposed to call them but the time difference is awful.
they're like 8 hours ahead. i think?
it's 11ish PM over here which makes it 7ish AM over there.
right? is that 8 hours? i cant count right now.
so i either have to wait until 1 AM to call which isnt gonna happen tonight, or i have to get up super early to call them during their business hours.
allllll to make sure im not getting ripped off, to see when the damn quilt is coming in and how much shipping is going to be.
a fnckin quilt!


no more ordering from the UK. that's my new motto :[

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