Tuesday, July 28, 2009

last night was the worst.

i feel like complete shit.
last thursday i tried out for a band... my boyfriend's band.
i was all ready to not get in after my audition -- i prepared myself accordingly.
but, lo and behold, they liked me! after all that prepping for failure, i allowed myself to be happy.

it really isnt fair.
last night they kicked me out, saying that my voice clashed with the style.
besides the fact that i dont agree, im just upset that i didnt get a chance to save my spot.
they spoke about this behind my back through texts :[

i just wish i had a shot, you know?
like, i was finally happy because of music, and they had to take it away.
it's so unfair.

in their last band they gave the crappiest people second chances, warnings even.
i get none of that.
im not mean, and i worked hard.
we made a wonderful song.
i didnt even get a chance to put my vocals out there for other feedback.
they just believed what 1 of the bassist's friends say...

it's not fair :[

im sorry im whining but really, i just feel heartbroken.
this is the thing i wanted most, i wanted it so bad.

i wish they had given me a shot at it :[

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