Tuesday, July 7, 2009


i couldnt fall asleep for the life of me last night.
i was up until about 530 would be a safe guess. :[
in order to fall asleep, i began thinking of random things that dont make much sense at all.
for example, baby names haha.
i absolutely love exotic and unusual names, but since i couldnt think of any last night, i chose to go with family names and try to make them pretty.
since i dont plan on having children soon, maybe i should just get a bunch of canaries and give them formal names haha :]

This is how they turned out:
Girl: Clara-Jean Belle
Boy: Zakky/Zak(k)ary Arthur

And then other names I like (i like some better than ^):

Girl: Aine (Anya/Anja), Celeste, Marina, Elizabeth, Rose, Alana, Ingrid, Melody, Delphine, Keely, Amaranth, Amarantine, Aveline, Aurora, Sunniva, Freya, Avalon (Avylon/Avylanna), Leah (Lya, Liah, Lia, Leigha), Leana, Kryssa, Keira, Skyla, Chyla, Gwenavire, Sapphire, Isla, Ivy, Kanga, Starleigh, Summer, Scarlette, Kahla

Boy: Derek, Chance, Alexander, Cedric, Constantine, Kegan, Pagan, Rylie, Rusty, Avalon, Skylar, Skye, Felix, Brody, Tristan, Bay, Ever, Erling, Fairleigh, Raleigh, Jack(?)

Yeah. I was bored haha.

and i just noticed that i go in and out with proper capitalization and apostrophes and stuff.

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