Saturday, May 9, 2009

woe is me!

im still up and he's mad at everything right now. er, he hates everything to be more precise.
it's kind of hard hearing your bf complain about how everything sucks and stuff when you try so hard to make everything easier for him and to make him happy. you know? and it doesnt help either when sometimes you incredibly envy him/are jealous of him. i dont know. sometimes im like why are you complaining when you have so much more than me/ when u have all that i would want? maybe im being selfish, er self-centered. i try to help him and i listen to him and offer encouragement, but at times it's tiring.

as of now, i have a 10pg term paper due monday and i havent started. go me. haha... well, i have an outline done, so it's not too bad. but it still sucks. plus i have a piano final monday and i havent practiced yet :[

man im such a complainer haha.
i guess i bring it on myself though... i procrastinate my @ss off.

there are so many things i want in life though. some of the things i want im too young for haha. sometimes i think there's something wrong with me :-/

what i want right now:

1. to relax & sleep

2. to be stress-free


4. a free calorie-free mocha frappuccino from starbucks [which doesnt exist] :[

5. a really nice camera

6. to get away for a weekend w/ my boy

7. new clothes/bathing suit

8. for this semester to be over

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