Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i love you but i hate you.

sometimes i really hate my father.

since when has it been ok to abuse helpless animals just because youre upset with your pathetic life?

since when has it been ok to give away half of your night's earnings to an employee who merely delivers food to your tables when you cant even pay your own bills and when that employee is getting paid by the fncking company as well? he's making more than you while only doing half the work youre doing.

meanwhile at home, youre making your wife work YOUR SECOND JOB because youre too tired/lazy/inconsiderate to do it yourself. you lie in bed while she runs around doing her job as a supervisor and, on top of that, your assignments as a merchandiser.
and it's not like she gets to keep the money either.

since when has it been justifiable to blame everyone in your family for everything that goes wrong in your life without first looking at what youve been doing?

you sit and whine about your illnesses and claim youre too sick to work.
meanwhile, the bills are adding up.

why did you act like a charming gentleman when your wife's sister and brother-in-law were here, claiming that yes, we will all go visit you soon in belgium, and then when they were safely back on the plane, say to your wife that you would never allow her to go to see her family?

you're an ugly person sometimes.
sometimes im ashamed of you.
i love you for all that youve done for me, for how hard youve worked for me,
but i hate you for all the wrong youve done when you know better and preach differently.

im so upset right now.
i want to go in a freaking china shop with a baseball bat and demolish some sh!t.

it's dinner time.

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