Friday, May 22, 2009

i have the hardest time coming up with titles

hello summertime!
finished my last final of the semester today at 930 AM.
i am freeeeeee! :]]

haha, im sorry, but i am SO ready for summer, even if i hate the heat.
perhaps im not truly a cali girl, but that's ok.
i love everything about this state except for 3 things:

a) the heat. i detest hot weather.
b) people do not seem to care enough to conserve water even though we're in a fncking drought.
c) prop 8 got passed

as you can see, im pretty passionate about those things ahah.
i hope im not getting judged or offending anyone by letter c.
it's a highly controversial topic, so i understand.
but it does piss me off that it got passed.
whatever happened to equality, ya know?
alright i guess ill shutup about it before this blog turns into a full-fledged rant. im not here to shove my beliefs down your throat and that's what ill end up doing if i go into that topic aha.
idk if im liberal as they come, but im definitely on that side of the spectrum, so im sorry if i offend anyone.

but yeahhhhhhh.

im listening to tyrone wells online right now.
his music is great! my favorite is "sink or swim."
i found him through my sister. if you like rock/pop/mainstream sound, then check him out!

i was going to say something but i really dont remember what it was now... damn.

oh yes now i know.

while im on the subject of music, im looking for a vocal coach to make my voice stronger.
if there are any singers out there that know of any helpful tips or vocal instructors, drop a word in the comments. i'd really appreciate it :]

i dont know.
im trying to go for a paramore/evanescence type of sound.
i sound more like evanescence right now but i wanna fuse them together somehow, so im trying to figure out how to do that.

this was not what i was planning to say on here.
im just rambling now.
sorry >.<

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