Sunday, May 31, 2009

i am ashamed of what the world's come to

if you havent seen this story yet, here's a link:|main|dl1|link3|

i just cant believe all the crazies that approve of this man's murder.
it's horrific.
think of how many women he's helped...
you cant just kill someone because you THINK it's wrong.
he was just doing his job, it was legal.
it just... it makes me sad to see what the world's come to.
i was reading the comments under this story and i saw things that read "he shouldve been stopped a long time ago" and "yes, the baby killer has been killed!" or something to that effect...

it's horrible.

if you don't agree with abortion, i'd assume youre against killing in general.
then why, oh why, would you condone the killing of this man?
wouldnt that make you hypocritical?

idk i was just wondering...

RIP Dr. George Tiller.

my heart goes out to his family.

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