Saturday, May 2, 2009

current thoughts

1. im in love with my boyfriend tonight. it happens like that sometimes haha.
2. this week was so busy and i got it all done. im stoked.
3. gotta start planning that 10 pg government essay :-/
4. im itching to start writing/singing some music. i dont write music very well cuz i dont do it enough, but im gonna try and start making it a habit.
5. i wish i didnt leave my guitar @ my bf's house yesterday.
6. it rained tonight. supposed to rain tomorrow. YES! :]]]
7. i washed my car the other day. DAMN!T.
8. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping in tomorrow ♥
9. if it's cold then im going to try and dress up cute tomorrow.
10. i wanna go on a date.
11. i start my diet sh!t on monday. livin it up while i can!
12. i wonder what people like reading/seeing on blogs. i dont wanna sound like a conformist, but i want to make this blog more interesting. whaddya like?
13. i love stand up comedy.
14. i would like to get a tattoo. perhaps more than one ;-)
15. maybe one day i shall post a link of my singing/music on here if i ever get around to recording it... or if im ever brave enough to post it!
16. you should check out my bf's band:
17. mocha frappuccino... mmm... i want one haha.

dang, busy mind!

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