Saturday, May 30, 2009

B.I.D. list

i decided to make a list of things i would like to do before i die. hence the B.I.D. list.

1. record an album
2. swim with dolphins
3. spend the night on the beach with the significant other
4. meet a celebrity
5. run a marathon/take on a biking challenge
6. change someone's life for the better
7. sing for a real audience

8. go to ireland
9. help out poor kids in africa/south america
10. learn to play the violin, flute, and guitar [decently]
11. learn to speak french, cambodian, flemish, italian, and german.
12. improve my spanish so that i can speak it fluently
13. hang out with friends and have an adventure that lasts until dawn of the next morning
14. enter a poker tournament and actually get in the money [unlikely!]
15. get a tattoo [soon? i need ideas!]
16. learn to ballroom dance.
17. find a southern person that doesnt like fried chicken. :] haha
18. go to butterfly gorge and see all the butterflies :]]]
19. go parachuting. or something like that. but the idea of skydiving scares me.
20. have a family and kids and all that ish.

i shall definitely add to this list!
i better get crackin tho ;-)

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