Thursday, April 23, 2009

weird day.

i was a busy bee today

picked up aaron, school, towne center, aarons house, millikan, my house, petsmart, barnes n nobles, aarons house, millikan again, aarons house again, home, del taco, aarons house and now home for the night.

damn haha.
and yet, it felt really strange. idk what's wrong with my family, but something is obviously wrong. either theyre mad at me and not telling me or it's just really awkward cuz my dad's been home forever or something... idk when routine is changed i get all frazzled sometimes. i have so many things to do though, so right now im realllllly wasting my time. actually, ive been doing that all day but it's been kinda nice.

it's just so frustrating sometimes you know? my parents seem to be having such a hard time facing the fact that ive grown up a bunch. i dont always wanna be home. every time i am, there's always something wrong... i mean, i should just deal with it, but it's easier to go, as harsh as it sounds. i cant win. if i stay home, i lose. if i go out, i lose. idk how to find a middle ground b/t what i wanna do and what my parents want. i envy ppl that dont have curfews anymore and stuff, but i guess i see the point of them. i just feel funny tonight, i guess.

i wonder when ill ever move out, if that ever happens.
there are times when i really want to and there are times when i cant imagine being anywhere else. im such an indecisive person haha.

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