Monday, April 27, 2009

sometimes i wonder...

does it ever seem to you that people are more interesting in writing than they are in person?
im finding that out through blogs and myspace... people seem to be so much more
outgoing online.

but idk.

maybe im just weird?

what do you think?

in the mean time,
i would like this:


  1. Hey. :) I'm one of your follower. :) My name's Mariel. Ü

    Anyways, I noticed that too. :D

  2. it's nice to [virtually] meet you mariel! haha.

    and im glad im not alone! :]

    do you have a blog?

  3. Haha. :)


    Hm. I'm only 14.. just turned 14. :D So, it's quite amateur work. ;)


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