Sunday, April 19, 2009

last day of break

so today is the last day of break :[ jeeeeeeeeeeeez. gettin up early, going to school, then work, then practicing for a test... not exactly my idea of fun :-/ oh well. ya gotta do what ya gotta do. but i have a sh!tload of work due in a few weeks at the end of the semester. that's gonna suck.

my aunt chantal and uncle walter went back home today, which is too bad because i havent seen my parents this happy in a long time. ive never seen them smile that much or talk as much as they have been all week. it makes me wonder sometimes what they're really feeling all the time...

things i would like right now:
1. to not feel like im obligated to go to school
2. to not have to go to work tomorrow
3. to have the 6 month diet shortened to a 3 month multidiscipline thing
4. to not have tons of sh!t to do within the next month
5. a real vacation. not just the lousy stay at home vacation deal
6. to have some demos recorded so i can find a band
7. money, for multiple reasons

damn im greedy hahaha

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