Friday, April 24, 2009

musings and likes.

i wanna DO something with my life.
i feel like everyone has grown up and has
progressed but me :[
sometimes i regret going to lbcc... really, i could've done so much better than this.
then again, lbcc is free...
i want adventure. i want to go someplace and experience something new, something fresh.

or maybe i just need a vacation.

i dont feel like going to work today, but hey, it's less than 3 hours right?
ill deal. i guess.

i miss high school, actually.
back then, things were actually fun.
now, stuff is complicated. im in the middle of like everything...

idk why i have this blog haha, i never have anything interesting to say.


things i
like so far about today:
1. got to sleep in
2. it's windy and im pretty sure it's cold. SCORE!
3. i was able to finally get my page right. w00t. im such a nerd haha.
4. it's friday
5. i may get to hang out with aaron tonight
6. greys anatomy online, perhaps?
7. work will probably be somewhat easy.

things i dont like about today:
1. i woke up way late.
2. i didnt charge my lappy so it's about to die on me.
3. i have to work.
4. i havent gotten ready yet. still in a towel from the shower.
5. my room is a freakin mess.
6. dad is home so i cant hang out here :[

well... i like one more thing than i dont like.
that's good, right?

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