Friday, April 24, 2009

just got back from work...

so my dad was a DB earlier.
i went out to have lunch with my mom and my dad before work and as i came into the kitchen, i saw my mom looking for something in the fridge and my dad looking totally pissed off. i guess i could tell that this wouldnt end well.
apparently my dad is not man enough to get his own damn stuff out of the fridge, so he told my mom to get him some "shrimp paste." i was like wtf? shrimp paste?
my mom went to get it out of the fridge and lord only knows what she was looking for... we dont
have shrimp paste. i was like, "mom, does he want the tom yum soup stuff?" and she tells me no and that i dont know what he's talking about.
she stopped looking which pissed off my dad even further, and so he finally got off his ass and looked in the fridge himself. apparently, he was talking about the soup paste which was not on the side of the fridge as he had specified.
he slammed it on the table. my poor mom was as white as a sheet.
i took one look at it and told him "hey, that's not shrimp paste. that's soup paste, just so you know."
i guess that was the wrong thing to say cuz he stalked off to his room like a 5 y/o kid and went back to bed.

what a d!ck, dude.

ughhhhhhh he needs to go back to work. it's driving the whole house crazy.
and he's a jerk when he's home too long/bored/sick.

an apartment sounds nice right now.
too bad you need money for one haha.

that doesnt look too bad, does it?

ok well, i guess that's it for now.

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