Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i have been "virtually"

running around for the last couple of hours haha... doing this and that on the internet for people that are little technologically challenged ;-)

well, idk if theyre computer challenged or if im just a little bit geeky :-/

i wouldnt mind, actually.
im considering taking a few computer classes and finding a job in a computer repair thingymajig.
that's weird, huh?
haha oh well.

not sure yet.
all i know is that computers entertain me :]

so, good things about today:

1. failed my biology test and i feel good about it -- i know that sounds like a bad thing, but my lowest test grade is dropped anyway. it calms my nerves haha.

2. got to take a nap before work! w00t for extra sleep!

3. i was in charge of homework club @ work which means i was inside. WooT!

4. washed my car -- IM IN HEAVEN because of it haha... i can actually
see where im driving now, which is always nice haha. and it's vacuumed for the first time in ages. i swear, it's like a whole new car now. it's de-trashed and everything. i couldnt love my little white honda civic more! it even has a full tank of gas! rock on haha...

5. went out to dinner with my family -- on a weeknight -- for the first time in years. always nice.

6. helped people online tonight. it makes me feel good inside :)

7. i have followers! and theyre TALKING to me! that's beyond awesome... but now i feel bad because i can't possibly be that interesting to read about.

and im off tomorrow!
a whole day of relaxation! :]

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